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Polymorph Object

Polymorph Object

VerNoSpellFormatSpell PtsAction PtsUsed
 13Polymorph Object(Item#)200100 
Ever reach into your pocket, hoping for an ocular only to come up with a Waxed Ooze? Or ever gone for your trusty Troll Hammer only to find a stinking Driftclub instead? Well, the Wizards of the Zoingots learned early on that you could use the powers of the Nether Regions to exchange one item for another. The result is the Polymorph Item spell. Just cast it on an item in your posession (C 13 ) and 'Voila' it'll become something else (of course that something else may not be valuable nor more substantial than any other pocket of the Netherworld but, hey, you didn't want it anyway. It'll cost you 200 Spell Points nd 150 Action Points to cast this spell.

Available From

Xeklud's Xeklud'sTX 7600
Xelnix's Xelnix'sTX 7600

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