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Plant Ripeness

Plant Ripeness

Plant Ripeness
The Lore Master mounts his Plodder and together you travel several squares. In each square the Lore Master stops to examine several plants. At each, the Lore Master shows you how you can tell when it's next going to be ripe (or blooming, etc.), or if it's already ripe, how to tell for how much longer it'll be that way. You eventually can tell the differences yourself - you've acquired this valuable skill!

Available From

The Red Palm The Red PalmX30
The Rock and Troll The Rock and TrollX30
The Slaughtered Plodder The Slaughtered PlodderX30
The Cocked Spyglass The Cocked SpyglassX30
The Black Swan The Black SwanX394
The Wooden Leg The Wooden LegX30
The Blazing Arrowhead The Blazing ArrowheadX30

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