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Plant Plucking Tips

Plant Plucking Tips

Plant Plucking Tips
From time to time you will want to harvest certain vegetation. Most budding and fruit producing bushes, trees and shrubs bloom for two weeks at a time (16 days). Each species of flora has its own blooming/ ripening cycle. For example, one plant may bloom for 2 weeks and not bloom again for 6 weeks. A few are always harvestable (particularly valuable roots). You may collect the fruits/blooms only during the blooming period. If you spy a plant and fail to receive a blurb for it, it means you lack certain knowledge or experience. Likely too is that the plant is referenced only in a voodoo blurb. If you've been on the island for 15+ turns, you might try a QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE there.

Available From

The Spear and Club The Spear and ClubX81
The Slaughtered Plodder The Slaughtered PlodderX81
The Cocked Spyglass The Cocked SpyglassX81
Hamilton's Cove Hamilton's CoveX81
The Blushing Lady The Blushing LadyX81
The Lion's Fill The Lion's FillX81
The Cracked Skull The Cracked SkullX81
The Dark Eagle's Nest The Dark Eagle's NestX81
The Black Swan The Black SwanX81
The Grackle, Grouse and Grail The Grackle, Grouse and GrailX81
The Odd Terapus The Odd TerapusX81
Grimley's Fiendish Spot Grimley's Fiendish SpotX81

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