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PigIron Helm

PigIron Helm

 182PigIron Helm2 Bodden CampHelmetClass 5  (Min 350 Muscle)
This enormous hunk of obsidian black PigIron is really a crudely hammered PigIron Helm. But don't let its crudity fool you. It makes an excellent helm to wear in long as you are able to support its enormous size. The problem is that this was made to fit a Troll, a group of races with head sizes that match the egos of even the most boastful Ruks. If you find one of these helms, you have only a small chance that it will be small enough to fit your head. If it does, it will provide you with Level 5 Protection for your head. You can carry two but you must have a muscle of at least 350 to equip one.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Bodden Camp Bodden Camp2637 in 142

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