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Oil of Ugli'

Oil of Ugli'

 461Oil of Ugli6 Makable Items Vessel (18) 1 Guano Plasm (#144), 1 Oil (#22), 1 Somanda Dust (#23)  Voodoo  
A favorite elixir of Trolls of all races, Oil of Ugli', when applied to the skin, will result in a preponderance of sores, welts, and lesions. To make an Oil, combine 1 Somanda Dust, 1 Guano Plasm and 1 oil in a voodoo cauldron and stew for 18 Action Points. To use it, issue the U 461 Order and you will smear it all over your face. The results are quite exceptional if you are a Troll. You can carry 6 of these.

Available From

Mugdugbilbug's Mugdugbilbug'sTV 1100

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