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Mystic Hunting Spear

Mystic Hunting Spear

VerNoSpellFormatSpell PtsAction PtsUsed
 996Mystic Hunting Spear 200Damages opponent's mount
This ancient spell was developed during the days when Monsters trained and rode dangerous Battle Mounts. These terrifying beasts activily participated in battle, helping their riders to decimated a foe. This spell would bring into being a huge spear of magical force to be directed against the mount of a foe. Few mounts without heavy barding ever survived this attack. Sometimes even the barding wasn't enough. In today's day of Plodders, this Spell has but two purposes. It makes your opponent very mad and it leaves him on foot where you can track him. To use this Spell in battle, issue the Cast Spell order: C 941. It uses 20 Spell Points each time it is cast.

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