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Luxury Food

Luxury Food

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Luxury food covers a wide range of ready-to-eat meals especially prepared for the discerning Jossman palate. Such culinary masterpieces include Landshark Roe, Roast Bush Quail, Flaming Gourd Pie and the piece de resistance, Scarlet Grackle Surprise. They are nothing like the meals you get at an inn (in fact you're pretty sure you couldn't stomach they way they've been cooked). They're obviously only eaten in private or on special occasions. A shrewd traveller could probably make a profit on his journeys by transporting luxury food to where it's most in demand. You may carry up to 8 of these delicacies. N.B. Even if you're ravenously hungry, you will not risk the gut-rot you'd be sure to get from such a rich food.

Available From

Daltak's Daltak'sB 25353
Daltak's Daltak'sP 25350
Daltok's Daltok'sB 25360
Daltok's Daltok'sP 25357
Daston's Daston'sB 25374
Daston's Daston'sP 25370
Kislor's Kislor'sB 25363
Kislor's Kislor'sP 25366

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