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Long Sword

Long Sword

 80Long Sword1Far Forge

Collapsed VaultHillockLoggerhead CampSunken GraveyardEdgedClass 4   
The long sword is a superior Edged Weapon of Damage Class 4. It is crafted of iron which gives it considerable weight. As such it is a two-handed weapon and you can only equipped it if your muscle is at least 110. You may carry 1.

Available From

The Silver Hook The Silver HookP4106
Borsthead's Borsthead'sP6122
The Dark Anvil The Dark AnvilP4106
The Flaring Furnace The Flaring FurnaceP3122
Spigot's Red Spigot's RedP5122
The Polished Rod The Polished RodP4122

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Hillock Hillock13 in 291
Collapsed Vault Collapsed Vault101 in 10
Sunken Graveyard Sunken Graveyard41 in 23
Loggerhead Camp Loggerhead Camp02 in 214

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