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Leather Armour

Leather Armour

 47Leather Armour1 Makable Items SwampKnife (50) Bodden CampHillockLoggerhead CampBodyClass 2   
You've already seen plenty of carcasses in all sorts of stages of decay during your travels. If you could find some very large carcasses with their hides intact, you could fashion a crude suit of Leather Armor. But only in Swamp terrain are the carcasses' hides moist and pliable enough to be suitable. Issue the MAKE order: M 47 and you'll need 50 Action Pts and a Knife. Your suit of somewhat comfortable leather provides Armor Class 2 protection. You can have just one suit.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Loggerhead Camp Loggerhead Camp77165 in 214
Hillock Hillock96281 in 291
Bodden Camp Bodden Camp1815 in 79

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