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Land Leech

Land Leech

 361Land LeechFungus ForestInsect47-90 (25)(2-2) 2-4 Food (#99)Mounts Azure Smoke Bottle  
Many a monster has come out of the swamp with those nasty little leaches attched to the body under the armor. Disgusting as they may be, they are easy to remove and kill. The Land Leach grows to lengths of up to 20 hands. Its hunger for Monster blood has grown proportionately. Other than size, the Land Leach has all the same disgusting traits as its smaller cousins. Slimey skin, large sucking mouth, and the same vile smelling secretions. Did we mention that the Land Leach can spit these secretions for long yardage? A truely deadly weapon for its arsenal.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Fungus Forest Fungus Forest2523 in 91

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