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Kudo Bone

Kudo Bone

 399Kudo Bone1Tower

Great CaveHillockTainted HollowTomb of MumiUnderwater GrottoDream Location  Makeable Items Voodoo Serpent Potion (#298)Treasure
This queerly shaped bone couldn't come from a Creature you've met. It's about 8 hands long and as thick as your arm. The Kudo bone is twisted, gnarly, and covered with black spots about the diameter of your index finger. The Ancient Rite for making these bones is long lost. Possessing one can be dangerous - certain beings covet this item. A Kudo Bone is used in at least one of the more unusual Voodoo ceremonies. It can also be placed in a Temple's Treasure Room. You can carry 1.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Great Cave Great Cave01 in 120
Hillock Hillock01 in 291
Tainted Hollow Tainted Hollow355 in 14
Dream Location Dream Location1002 in 2
Tomb of Mumi Tomb of Mumi11 in 71
Underwater Grotto Underwater Grotto11 in 72

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