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Knowledge Quests

Knowledge Quests

Knowledge Quests
When you do a Quest for Knowledge you don't close your eyes and stand still until you think of something. No. You explore the square you're in, take advantage of hunting and foraging opportunities, examine your possessions, and try hard to come up with a revelation about something (which is reported at the end of the results for this order).Your success depends on whether: There's something you don't know that you could figure out on your own; when and if you had a Quest for Knowledge success earlier in this turn, what items you possess, how long you've been exploring the island, what's unusual or special about the square you're in, and how many Action Pts you've allocated. It's quite rare that more than 30 Action Pts will be needed.
Quest for Knowledge Notes
  1. If you wish to acquire a Blurb a friend of yours has gotten, simply attempt to be in the same situation; I.e., same terrain, have the same related knowledge, or be in the same square. If this fails, try it again a couple turns later; it sometimes takes more time and experience on the island to get you the knowlegde blurb.
  2. It's possible for a QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE order to succeed more than once per turn. However don't count on it. Doing three for 5 (or fewer) Action Pts each is probably a waste of time.
  3. We do not keep track of the total number of Action Pts spent be you over all of your turns. Nor do we keep track of when or how often your QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE attempts fail.

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