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King's Sword

King's Sword

 477King's Sword1  EdgedClass 7  Kabuki TalismanKabukiFuvah
This beautifully crafted sword is a marvel to behold. Crafted of an unusual blend of Gold, Silver, and an unknown metal... it would appear more for show than battle. The thin light blade and the gemstones set into the pommel enhance the misconception. Once taken into hand though, all thoughts of show disappear. Though thin, the blade is stronger than any you have seen. The pommel seems to caress your hand. The Kings Sword comes alive and seems to respond to the battle as if it were a dance where all the steps were known. Only the finest Kabuki warriors could use such a blade. It is a Damage Class 7 Edged Weapon. It can only be equipped by followers of Kabuki. It is somehow linked with secret Kabuki religious rights and it is highly valued. You can carry 1.

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