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King Rockadile

King Rockadile

 243King RockadilePondReptile Wrestling 
Bathing was never ranked high on the sane Monster's to-do list. However, Jossmen insist that it be done at least once a year, or they limit your access to the bar. Now, you slip into the water hoping for a quickie... and Yowww!!! Where did all those teeth come from. What you assumed (See where assumptions get you... to the bottom of the Pond) were just rocks on the bottom is hungrily chewing your leg while you get a guided tour of the very muddy bottom. Being as your sword is up Topside, wrestling is the best you can do. Assuming you survive, the Jossmen will be glad to tell you of the Rockadile (#207), Giant Rockadile (#208), and King Rockadile (#243) creatures that live in most large bodies of water. The Jossmen suggest you use a big knife, beat your chest and yell.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Pond Pond1001 in 1

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