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Jade Snake Ring

Jade Snake Ring

 351Jade Snake Ring*Far Inn


Collapsed VaultKoma DenLarge QuarrySmall CaveUnderwater GrottoVoodoo Workshop
Dragon Geyser
Ring  Yasmin
The ring jewelers of Wascodobellia are quite fond of jade and have made numerous rings from this handsome rock. This one has a carving of a two-headed pit viper. Some of them have found their way to Monster Island and are sought by many Jossman Innkeepers. This ring does not have any special powers but Followers of Yasmin El Boa, the snake demigoddess, claim otherwise. You can carry any number of rings but can be equipped with just one.

Available From

Xixmar's Xixmar'sP145
Xydnox's Xydnox'sP545
Ximsip's Ximsip'sP545
Xabrew's Xabrew'sP445
Xamfir's Xamfir'sP145
Xamadu's Xamadu'sP145
Xoxmox's Xoxmox'sP145

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Voodoo Workshop Voodoo Workshop220 in 744
Dragon Geyser Dragon Geyser251 in 4
Underwater Grotto Underwater Grotto11 in 72
Koma Den Koma Den01 in 205
Small Cave Small Cave11 in 53
Collapsed Vault Collapsed Vault303 in 10
Large Quarry Large Quarry22 in 73

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