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Iron Swamppus Rake

Iron Swamppus Rake

 248Iron Swamppus Rake1  PointedClass 4   
The Forger notices you have a few coins in your possession and grins. He explains that in addition to putting a coat of silver on some of your weapons, he also knows the secret of coating them with Iron. The main disadvantage is that the items are less effective against creatures that take silver to hit. On the plus side, Iron is heavy and the extra weight adds a Damage Class to the basic weapon. The Forger charges 100 Oculars to coat the items with iron and you must pump the bellows (80 APs). Issue the Make order: M (Item#) in a Forge square (NB: you need the basic item (Not silver)).
The nightmare just got worse. The Iron Swamppus Rake sports the same hand-long claws as before.... But the ForgeMaster has coated them with a thick layer of Iron to eliminate the problem of breakage. He has ground the blades, giving them an edge you could shave with. Due to the extra weight in the blades, the ForgeMaster has added a metal strap to hold it to your puny Monster arm. The added weight of the Iron also improved the Damage Class of the Rake. The Iron Swamppus Rake is a Damage Class 4 Pointed Weapon. You can carry 1.

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