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Iron Shovel

Iron Shovel

 90Iron Shovel1Far Forge

Far Inn

Voodoo Workshop Digging  
Far Forgers often sell this digging implement that they craft from Iron. It's superior to a Tuvian Shovel both in strength and size, enabling you to excavate quicker with it. You can carry 1.

Available From

The Flaring Furnace The Flaring FurnaceP498
The Polished Rod The Polished RodP598
The Iron Pliars The Iron PliarsP485
The Korn Hammer The Korn HammerP585
The Quenching Dip The Quenching DipP485
The Bellows The BellowsP498

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Voodoo Workshop Voodoo Workshop19 in 744

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