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Iron Knife

Iron Knife

 331Iron Knife2Far Forge

Far Inn

Great CaveKoma DenLarge CaveSmall CaveTomb of MumiPointedClass 2Knife  
This is a very well made Knife with a fine edge that resists dulling. It's balanced differently and is a Damage Class 2 Pointed Weapon. You can carry two of them.

Available From

The Ribald Arms The Ribald ArmsP231
The Korn Hammer The Korn HammerP331
The Dark Anvil The Dark AnvilP339
The Dark Eagle's Nest The Dark Eagle's NestP731
The Claw and Tooth The Claw and ToothP536
The Blazing Arrowhead The Blazing ArrowheadP227

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Large Cave Large Cave23 in 124
Koma Den Koma Den26 in 201
Small Cave Small Cave11 in 52
Tomb of Mumi Tomb of Mumi11 in 71
Great Cave Great Cave12 in 120

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