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Hand Catapult

Hand Catapult

 5Hand Catapult2Cannot Sell Makable Items Swamp (32) Loggerhead CampMine ShaftMissileClass 2   
This nifty weapon os a variation on the sling shot and is crafted from a root found in Swamp terrain. To make a Hand Catapult, write a MAKE order: M 5 (while in Swamp terrain). It takes 32 Action Pts. The Hand Catapult is a Missile Weapon of Damage Class 2. You can carry just two. The Small Round Rocks used by a Sling are also the ammo for a Hand Catapult.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Loggerhead Camp Loggerhead Camp65143 in 220
Mine Shaft Mine Shaft1542 in 263

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