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Green Slime

Green Slime

 353Green SlimeFungus ForestOther63-422 (31)(1-2)   
The Green Slime may be the most nauseating creature on the Island. It is composed of disgusting green goo that reminds you of the last time you lost your breakfast. It doesn't smell much better. The green slime appears to be a living fungus. When attacking, it assumes a vaguely monsterlike form and attempts to pummel its foe. Green slime is rather slow moving, so if you can beat it off, it is possible to outrun it. Those more stubborn Monsters who find running to be distasteful should note: The Green Slime is highly corrosive. Its touch has been known to eat through armor and weapons. This same corrosive nature also tends to destroy any treasure the slime may have ever possessed. Though never rewarding, killing the Green Slime is a challenge.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Fungus Forest Fungus Forest2927 in 91

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