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Great Silver Axe

Great Silver Axe

 154Great Silver Axe1  EdgedClass 5   
Okay, someone told you to chop down the biggest tree in the forest and you showed up with what? A knife? A sword? A herring? Yep, Monster brains aren't too quick. Even a young Ruk from the mainland has more sense than that. To cut a limb from a Kongo Mongo Tree, you must be equipped with a Great Silver Axe. Nothing else will do. Anything else will break on its dense bark. If you plan to do anything with the limb after you cut it off, you might want to carry a silver knife, too. Since most are not much brighter than tree stumps, you hould be reminded not to stand on the tree limb as you cut it off. It's a looong way down. The Great Silver Axe is also a Level 5 Edged weapon. To get one, issue the M 154 order in the square you are directed too. It costs 150 APs/350 Oculars.

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