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Great Fuvah Sword

Great Fuvah Sword

 383Great Fuvah Sword1Tower

Great CaveTomb of MumiEdgedClass 5  Fuvah TalismanFuvah
Here's a sword that'll make blood flow from Fuvah's enemies! This deadly-looking great sword is light, sharp, and has a nice, solid grip. To equip it requires a minimum of 255 Muscle and rank of Fuvite Disciple (It jumps out of the hands of anyone else). The sword is a Class 5 Edged weapon, but when wielded against Monsters and Creatures who follow or are favoured by other gods, its damage is significantly greater. You can carry 1.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Tomb of Mumi Tomb of Mumi11 in 71
Great Cave Great Cave01 in 120

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