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Gorging Sucker

Gorging Sucker

 300Gorging Sucker Insect18-32 (20)(1-2)Bashing  
Buzzzzzzzzzz. Buzzzzzzzzzz. Sluuuuurrrrpp. If you hear this sound, know that you are now the main course at the Gorging Sucker picnic. With a proboscis over two hands long, this winged bug is not only a nuisance, it's dangerous. Heck, it could pierce your heart, liver, or brain (though that would probably kill it). Use a good bashing weapon to smash it flat. Squish.


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Westlands Gwardon Jagged Mor Kunbar Starth Zargnoth Total
North-1 (0.3)2 (0.4)-5 (1.4)18 (3.6)26
Central1 (0.2)3 (0.8)1 (0.2)1 (0.3)8 (2.3)16 (2.6)30
South2 (0.7)-4 (0.8)-1 (0.3)20 (3.7)27


Unknown Sticks Sand and Palms Swamp Jungle Low Hills High Jungle Crystal Hills High Hills Sea Wasteland Total

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