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 98Gnitgnoff7 Makable Items Vessel (4) 1 Purple Lotus Leaf (#16), 1 Oil (#22), 1 Guano Plasm (#144)  Voodoo Repels Gnitgnats
Once a swarm of Gnitgnats latch on to you they can be a real pain. Every week one of their number breaks off and attacks you. Now, there is something you can do about this unpleasant situation. Just make your- self a batch of Gnitgnoff (pronounced ga-nit-ga-noff). This Voodoo concoction can be obtained by mixing 1 Guano Plasm, 1 Purple Lotus Leaf, and 1 Oil into a Cauldron. Stir for 4 Action Pts. To make, write the MAKE order: M 98. To consume, write the USE/CONSUME order: U 98. Consuming Gnitgnoff changes your scent, causing the Gnitgnat swarm following you to leave the area. You can carry 7 batches.

Available From

The Red Palm The Red PalmV62
The Slaughtered Plodder The Slaughtered PlodderV42
Hamilton's Cove Hamilton's CoveV62
The Blushing Lady The Blushing LadyV62
The Twisted Tablar The Twisted TablarV62
The Spear and Club The Spear and ClubV62
The Dark Eagle's Nest The Dark Eagle's NestV62

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