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Giant Mantis

Giant Mantis

 357Giant MantisFungus ForestInsect41-392 (32)(2-2) 1 Food (#99)Mounts Emerald Smoke Bottle  
Many who travel through heavily forested areas have looked up to see a large, unusually shaped stick above them in the trees. The branch looks much like a Monster in prayer. Soon the novelty wears off and the monster continues on. It is at this moment that the Giant Mantis strikes from above. It drops quickly from the trees to decimate its prey. The Mantis is a delicate eater that does not require much in the way of food. It will gladly settle for ripping off a single limb from its prey. When battling it, be careful not to stick out anything you might be overly attached to...

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Fungus Forest Fungus Forest3230 in 91

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