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 255GhoulCollapsed VaultUndead24-52 (50)(1-1)Vlados Xi  
The shock troops in the Army of the Undead, Ghould are the long-dead warriors and foes of armies that battled in ages gone past. Their long existence in undeath has left them in sad repair. Many are missing various body parts, but this does not slow them down when they see the living. Vlados Xi's hatred of all life burns in what's left of their brains and they are just as likely to pick up their arm that you have just sliced off and try to beat you to death with it as they are to try to gouge out your eye sockets with their long, cannibalistic tongue. The best advice for battling this foe is to avoid places where the occur since a single Ghoul is usually only a sign that you are unaware of a hundred more waiting around the corner.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Collapsed Vault Collapsed Vault10010 in 10

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