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You've entered the Ethereal world. You can still interact with the Physical world but in a very limited way. For example you cannot jump, enter the sea, climb or carry physical items. Other Monsters can't find you during their travels. You, on the other hand, can meet other Monsters during your travels. Being a Ghost has its advantages in that there are some things you can learn, see, do and interact with that otherwise you would'nt be able to. Your time in the Ethereal World is limited. Each turn your Dhost's Spirit Points decline and when they reach zero your Ghost is no more. There are ways to increase your Spirit Points. Better yet get yourself ressurrected. If you don't know how this is done then you've been ignoring the gods for too long.
Ghost Orders and Travel Notes
As a Ghost you have a very limited set of orders you can issue. These are listed on the Reference sheet received each turn. Additional Ghost orders can be learned. Except for the Turn Results in which you became a Ghost, Ghost turns cost one credit instead of 2. Regarding the Travel order: depending on where you're located and the direction you're travelling in you may be able to move only 4 squares not the 8 you're accustomed to moving. In addition you may not be able to enter some terrain types, or re-enter them once you've Travelled out. A Gost also has difficulty interacting with buildings and other structures.
Haunt Dreams
This is one way for a Ghost to have some fun. Upon issuing this order, you will look for a living Monster in your square and the project into his mind a horrible Dream. In theory the more Action Pts spent the nastier the Dream will be. The order format is: J (Action Pts). You will not haunt someone of your own Group, nor a Follower of your God. Nor will you attempt to enter any caves, Structures or search for Hidey-Holes. You need to expend at least 6 Action Pts and if no Monster is found to haunt, you'll only use 6 Action Pts (regardless of how many you allocated to the order). You may wish to preceed the Haunt Dreams order with a Ghostly Howl : Y 21.

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