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Gator Armour

Gator Armour

 6Gator Armour1Far Inn

Makable Items Jute Vine, Knife (42) 4 Gator Hide (#11)Mine ShaftBodyClass 4 Makeable Items Chaser Plate Armour (#216) 
The skin of a Gator is known for its toughness and can make a fine suit of body armor. To make it you'll need four Gator Hides (expended), a Knife, and you must be in a square having a Jute vine. Issue the MAKE order: M 6 and it takes 42 Action Pts to fashion. You may possess only one set of Gator Armor. The tough skin of the Gator makes this item Armor Class 4.

Available From

The Slaughtered Plodder The Slaughtered PlodderP639
The Rock and Troll The Rock and TrollP445

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Mine Shaft Mine Shaft1952 in 263

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