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Fungal Beast

Fungal Beast

 358Fungus BeastFungus ForestPlant59-117 (12)(3-4)   
The Fungus Beast is a vicious brute that appears to be composed of fungus, teeth, and attitude. Originally created by the Mage Priests to control rats in the cellars, the experiment went terribly wrong. The Fungus Beasts began to grow to incredible sizes. They became difficult to control and had to be destroyed. It is rumored that some escaped into underground passages...Never to be seen again. Occasional stories still crop up about voracious Fungus Beasts the size of a Thermadon attacking less than wary travelers. The Jossmen insist the stories are exaggerations. Should you be unlucky enough to encounter one... It's been nice knowing you. Fungus Beasts are rumored to fear 1 thing... Tiny fungus-eating Fuzzy Ocks. Their scent can enrage the Beast.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Fungus Forest Fungus Forest1312 in 88

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