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Fungal Zombie

Fungal Zombie

 320Fungal ZombieFungus ForestUndead39-76 (30)(1-1)   
Every Voodoo Master knows that you must take care of your Zombie unless you want problems. Leave them to lie for a few hundred years an an area with too much humidity and they tend to sprout. Not with trees, shrubs or flowers, but with nasty looking mushrooms, mold and fungi. And they are the dickens to restore. Usually they are just dropped off at a convenient fungus pile and allowed to rot away to dust. Problem is, they take a millenniun to fully decompose and must sit around itching and scratching with mushrooms growing out of every orifice available. Needless to say this leaves them in quite the mood.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Fungus Forest Fungus Forest3028 in 91

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