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Fork-Tailed Shark

Fork-Tailed Shark

 279Fork-tailed SharkLarge QuarrySmall QuarryMutate15-32 (43)(2-3) 0-5 Scorpoison(#141) 1 Food (#99) 
Okay, who's the wise guy who crossed a poisonous Fork-tailed Scorpion with an ill-tempered Landshark? This thing is one of the Lesser Mutates and deserves to be destroyed. Problem is, it may not agree with you. If you push the point, it will likely become a little agitated and try to bite your face and poison your posterior. The best thing to do is RUN! But if you can't, make a valiant stand and do your best to defend yourself.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Small Quarry Small Quarry1710 in 57
Large Quarry Large Quarry3332 in 96

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