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VerNoSpellFormatSpell PtsAction PtsUsed
 56Float 50Used whenever falling
Have you ever come to a big, flat, non-flowing body of water and not known what to do to get across? Well, you could puff up your Puffer Wings and float across but maybe you ditched them to carry that precious piece of treasure. Or heck, maybe you don't even know what Puffer Wings are. Fear not, FLOAT is a situation spell that you will use when you need to. It'll cost you 5 Spell Points to use and will make even the bulk of an enormous Fatblob light and airy as a tiny little cloud. Plus, you can ditch your Puffer Wings. You should note that since you will be light and airy that jumping into a river would be a bad, bad idea.

Available From

Xixxil's Xixxil'sTX 8210
Xubear's Xubear'sTX 8210

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