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 69Firestone10Far Inn

Fungus Forest    
Firestones are usually found in squares bordering on Crystal Hills. It is a rare type of rock having very unusual properties. Some think it is a piece of the sun that has fallen to earth. The interior of the rock is quite hot. If you break off a piece it exposes the interior to the air and the heat is released. After a while the new exterior of the rock will harden and form a crust over the fracture. They are perfectly safe to carry as long as you are careful not to chip them. Firestones are used for most metal working. As long as you're careful you can carry up to ten of these rocks. In areas where they are in short supply, Jossmen Forgers have been known to pay their local Exotica a small fortune for any firestones that they can get their hands on.

Available From

Daston's Daston'sB 6932
Kislor's Kislor'sP 6935
Kislor's Kislor'sB 6937
Daston's Daston'sP 6930
Daltok's Daltok'sP 6945
Daltok's Daltok'sB 6947
Daltak's Daltak'sB 6942
Daltak's Daltak'sP 6940

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Fungus Forest Fungus Forest22 in 69

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