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Fell High Jungle

Fell High Jungle

VerNoSpellFormatSpell PtsAction PtsUsed
 96Fell High Jungle 100100Need 2 other Monster in same Square
Sometimes, a good mount is hard to let go. other times, it is inconvenient to issue the old HJ order every time you reach a patch of High Jungle. If that's the case this spell is for you. Issue the CAST SPELL order: C 96, and, if you have at least two other monsters in the square, you will create an enormous explosion that will decimate all the High Jungle in the square. Since it is magic, it will also leave all the dark places, temples, towers and other structures standing. As far as Creatures go...well, you'll just have to see. It costs 100 Spell and Action Points for the monster casting this spell.

Available From

Xuktar's Xuktar'sTX 7125
Xixmar's Xixmar'sTX 8125

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