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Fart Bomb

Fart Bomb

 34Fart Bomb3 Makable Items Who-sac Shrub, Nasty Fart (2)  MissileClass 4 Makeable Items Spark Oil Bomb (#82) 
How would you like to put your Farts to good use? Well, next time you need to fart you should be in a square having a Who-sac shrub and instead of issuing the 'NF' order, issue a MAKE order: M 34 - it takes 2 Action Pts. This will bag your fart, making a Fart Bomb. You can carry 3 bombs. It's a Missile Weapon of Damage Class 4. You cannot WEAPON PRACTICE with a Fart Bomb. The large Who-sac leaf, then freshly picked, can hold your fart gas and seals with a pinch of your fingers at its neck. In battle, you'll twist the neck off and toss the bomb at your'll explode and this can be just the thing to turn the tide and defeat your opponent. Most of the damage is caused by the thorns found on the underside of the leaf when it explodes.

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