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Executioner's Blade

Executioner's Blade

 478Executioner's Blade1  EdgedClass 7  Shroud TalismanFuvahShroud
This is the Weapon of every Monster's nightmares. This slightly curved blade is made of an unknown metal that gives it a deep black coloring. The blade is so dark it appears to suck light into it. The weight of the blade is centered at the base of its curve making the Executioners Blade almost unstoppable in a downward swing. This blade could easily remove the head of any sacrafice placed before it. Only the finest Shroud warriors could ever use such a blade. It is a Damage Class 7 Edged Weapon. It can only be equipped by followers of Shroud. You can carry but 1. Many believe this blade is used in secret Shroud religious ceremonies.

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