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Ethereal Scourge

Ethereal Scourge

 392Ethereal Scourge1  WhipClass 6  Graggolos Kadar
These blessed weapons were created to combat the growing threat of Undead creatures. The special nature of these weapons is the result a short alliance between the Gargoyle and Dragon Demigods. Although their enemies soon drove a wedge between them, the alliance lasted long enough to harness the strength of the two Demigods to produce the Ethereal Weapons: Lance (#389), Scourge (#392), Hammer (#299), Needle (#300), Blade (#391), and Scimitar (#387). These special weapons are extremely effective against Undead. It is believed by some scholars that each of the six weapon types was created to defeat one of the Greater Undead lords. Against more normal foes they are merely a Class 6 weapon of the appropriate type. You can carry but one of each type.

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