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Ensnare Creature

Ensnare Creature

VerNoSpellFormatSpell PtsAction PtsUsed
 2Ensnare Creature varies0 
This advanced Disciple spell magically captures a creature in front of you. Issue the CAST SPELL order: C 2 or C 802. The former to use immediately and the latter to use as a Defensive Battle spell. There is no Action Pt cost. The Spell Pt cost varies depending upon the creature. If you haven't done something with a Creature captured this way by the time you make camp, the Creature is released - which might lead to a battle with it. Full-sized Deep Pits (I.e. 24-hands deep) can accommodate most any creature - so this spell can get you something big to trap a pit with. Do remember that you can have only one captured creature at a time. Warning: Jossmen like to use their vast stockpile of spears on anyone who releases a creature in a square where they live.

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