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Elixir of Lethargy

Elixir of Lethargy

 265Elixir of Lethargy6 Makable Items (18) 1 Turgid Toadstool (#109), 1 Yellow Lotus Leaf (#15), 1 Oil (#22) MissileClass 2Voodoo Opponent loses Aps
Okay so it's not really much of a weapon but if you are in to random acts of mischief you may enjoy this versatile little Missile weapon. When you are attacked whilst camping you'll douse your opponent with one of these and the resultant lethargy will be so great it'll rob 'em of as many as 100 Action Points. That'll trach the lowlife to attack you during a break in your action. To make one cook up one Turgid Toadstool, one Yellow Lotus Leaf and one Oil in your cauldron. You can carry up to six.

Available From

Xamfir's Xamfir'sTK 4150
Xeklud's Xeklud'sTK 2150

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