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Elixir Of Acid

Elixir Of Acid

 264Elixir of Acid6Far Inn


Makable Items (18) 2 Turgid Toadstool (#109), 1 Black Cave Spore (#87), 2 White Lotus Elixir (#19) MissileClass 2Voodoo Also causes acid damage
This item certainly puts a new spin on elixirs. Whatever you do, don't drink it. It'd eat you from the inside out. Instead you use it as a missile weapon to do some special damage. This may be the most potent missile weapon you will ever come across. To make it, you must mix two White Lotus Elixir, two Turgid Toadstools and one Black Cave Spore in your Voodoo Cauldron and mix them for 18 AP (issue the M 264 order). After that, you equip it like any other weapon. It is a Damage Class 2 weapon but does extra damage on contact. You can carry up to six.

Available From

Xelnix's Xelnix'sTK 4350
Xubaar's Xubaar'sTK 4350
Xubear's Xubear'sTK 4350

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