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Elixir Foliculata

Elixir Foliculata

 465Elixir Foliculata6 Makable Items Vessel (18) 1 Somanda Dust (#23), 2 Oil (#22), 2 Fluffy Hogtail (#171)  Voodoo Hair Growth (5)
If you know your Trolls, then you know how important a good head of hair is. The longer the better. To keep their hair in top condition (not an easy thing to do when you've never taken a bath) they use liberal doses of Elixir Foliculata. As a Ruk, you can use this, too. To make one, issue the M 465 order to cook up 2 Fluffy Hog Tails, 1 Somanda Dust, and 2 Oil in a Voodoo cauldron for 18 AP. when done, you can smear it all over your head using the U 465 order (it takes 5 AP) and you will see immediate results. You can carry up to six of these.

Available From

Brigmugbugdil's Brigmugbugdil'sTV 1100

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