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Divine Item

Divine Item

VerNoSpellFormatSpell PtsAction PtsUsed
 666Divine Item 100200 
Despite your best intentions, occasionally a monster 'acquires' an item and can't get any information about it. Jossmen are at best uncooperative and can't be bribed. Turning to darker research, the ancients delved into dangerous forces and developed the Divine Item Spell. Despite the danger in its use, monsters still risk this spell to gain insight into an items hidden nature - its BLURB. It should only be used by those strong in their faith as it calls on primal forces. To cast this spell issue the CAST SPELL ORDER: C 666 ITEM#. One must find an unblemished clearing and inscribe the inner and outer wards there-in. Make them perfect or you may lose control of the spell. Place the item to be divined in the wards and pray. It costs 100 SPs and 200 APs. (Thanks to Doug Hughes)

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