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Designer Tunic

Designer Tunic

 256Designer Tunic4Far Inn

Fungus Forest    
What no self-respecting wealthy Jossman should be without: a Designer Tunic. Hand crafted from the finest baby Gator hides and luxuriously lined with the spinnings of Giant Silk Spiders. This status symbol is the ultimate declaration of a Jossman's wealth and success. A tidy profit could probably be made by buying these cheap somewhere and selling them on to the Exotica in a more affluent town. You can carry up to four tunics; any more than that and they'd get crumpled by the rest of your belongings.

Available From

Daston's Daston'sP 256127
Daltak's Daltak'sP 256160
Kislor's Kislor'sP 256116
Kislor's Kislor'sB 256110
Daltak's Daltak'sB 256168
Daltok's Daltok'sB 256150
Daltok's Daltok'sP 256143
Daston's Daston'sB 256133

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Fungus Forest Fungus Forest54 in 69

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