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Damaged Iron Knife

Damaged Iron Knife

 341Damaged Iron Knife2Far Forge

Far Inn

Ancient GraveyardKoma DenLarge CaveSmall CaveSmall QuarryPointedClass 1Knife  
This Knife is nice and heavy. Too bad it's severely nicked and dinged in places. Still, it is a Damage Class 1 Pointed Weapon in its current state. Have it repaired by a Forger to return it to its original Damage Class - 2. You can carry two.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Large Cave Large Cave23 in 124
Ancient Graveyard Ancient Graveyard01 in 119
Small Quarry Small Quarry41 in 24
Koma Den Koma Den26 in 201
Small Cave Small Cave53 in 52

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