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Dactyl Whip

Dactyl Whip

 8Dactyl Whip1Far Inn

Makable Items Knife (30) 3 Dactyl Hide (#13)Bodden CampWhipClass 3   
You have 30 Action Pts and three Dactyl Hides? Great! Use the MAKE order: M 8, and you'll have yourself a Dactyl Whip. It's a Whip weapon of Damage Class 3. The Dactyl Whip is particularly useful against thin-skinned Creatures. You can carry only one Dactyl Whip and you do need a Knife to make it.

Available From

The Ribald Arms The Ribald ArmsP531
The Twisted Tablar The Twisted TablarP636
The Happy Junglemon The Happy JunglemonP836
The Jolly Ogre The Jolly OgreP227
The Dark Eagle's Nest The Dark Eagle's NestP931
The Illuminated Torch The Illuminated TorchP827

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Bodden Camp Bodden Camp2232 in 142

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