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Crystal-Tipped Whip

Crystal-Tipped Whip

 468Crystal-tipped Whip1 Makable Items (135) 8 Hill Crystal (#470), 1 Grasping Scourge (#214)Bodden CampWhipClass 6   
Using Whip weapons does not seem to come naturally to most Ruks since they are easily the most difficult weapon to master and one of the toughest to find. But if you are lucky enough to reach Level 6 with Whips, then the Crystal-Tipped Whip is for you. To make one, you must have 8 Hill Crystals and a Grasping Scourge. Expend no less than 135 AP to imbed one Crystal in the end of each tentacle of the whip. The result is a devastating weapon that will cut and peel the flesh from your foe. You can only carry one of these.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Bodden Camp Bodden Camp3753 in 142

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