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Constrictor Snake

Constrictor Snake

 352Constrictor SnakeFungus ForestSnake23-130 (16) Wrestling8 Food (#99) 
One of the largest members of the Snake family, the Constrictor Snake is by far the most muscular creature on the Island. Its preferred method of attack is to lay in wait for its next meal. Hiding amongst the lower branches of a tree or simply in areas of heavy vine…. The Constrictor waits for the unwary to pass below. It then drops on its prey and quickly wraps its strong coils tightly about the victim. From that point on, the tale is complete. Within minutes the prey is a mass of goo that the Constrictor licks from the ground. A strong Monster might hope to wrestle his way free…but then again…maybe not. This creature is found in dense Jungles and wet marshy areas.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Fungus Forest Fungus Forest1918 in 91

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