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 25Coconut3Cannot Sell Plant Possessed Palm(#205)PlantsCoco PalmHillock  Makeable Items Lime Elixir (#64) 
Yes, that famous fruit of the Coco tree (Coconut Palm). It abounds in the Sand and Palm terrain of the Island. Monsters pick 'em by clanging their bodies against the tree - riper ones fall (sometimes on one's head, but so what?). Coconuts are a Monster's last resort for food - something you get sick of quick. You can carry three coconuts - if you have less than that, you'll gather more when possible (at no cost in Action Pts). Note: The Monster Island Coco palm tree is about 1/3 smaller than a real Coco palm tree. Oh, if you're a loony Monster you can now YELL a new yell: Y 25. This is the "Put a Lime in the Coconut" song. If you want to CONSUME a yummy Coconut, write: U 25. Don't do this often - you'll get sick to your stomach.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Hillock Hillock14 in 293

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