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 276CleptopodSmall QuarryMutate43-49 (3)(2-3) 1 Oozelet(#143) 1 Food (#99) 
Born from some misbegotten experiment, the Cleptopod is an abomination. It is one of the Lesser Mutates and has no business being alive. It appears to be a cross between a Dune Ooze and a GrabberBush. While it is not too tough to kill, if it manages to get through a battle alive, you will invariably find it has managed to rifle through your pockets in search of something good to take. Smash it, chop it, dice it, or slice it, just be sure to kill it unless you want to be a little lighter in your pockets.

Found In

Location% ChanceFound
Small Quarry Small Quarry74 in 57

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