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Chaser Plate Armour

Chaser Plate Armour

 216Chaser Plate Armour1 Makable Items (120) 1 Bow String (#65), 1 Gator Armour (#6), 6 Chaser Plate (#212) BodyClass 4  Gator proof Armour
Mindlessly wandering through swamp, minding your own business, and 'WHAM!', a feral Gator decides to take a bite out of your Gator Armor, leaving you naked as a newbie fresh upon the shore. What a revolting development. But you, being smarter than the average Ruk, have stumbled upon a remarkable thought - Chaser-Plate Armor. To make, issue the M 216 Order and you will sew, using a Bow String, six Chaser Plates onto your Gator Armor, thereby making it nearly invulnerable to Gator bites. It will take only 120 APs to make. If you are wearing your Gator Armor, you will automatically equip your Chaser-Plate Armor. It provides Armor Class 4 protection.

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